Forty-seven (yes, 47) Truths about Moi

Today is my birthday, so I thought I'd write a post with some facts about myself that you may not already know. Before I even got to number one, I realized I had two problems:

1. I've been blogging for a number of years no, so there ain't too much y'all don't already know.

2. Were I turning thirty today, the blogpost would not be so much of a challenge. After all ... Thirty Things you May Not have Known about Me ... well, that sounds do-able. But Forty-Seven things ...?? Gimme strength!

There are hardly forty-seven facts about me in existence. But I need to find ones I would actually tell y'all. I mentioned this a wee while ago on the Homeschool on the Croft Facebook page, and some suggestions have begun coming in. I'll include them, telling who sent me the comment.

1. Until the past few weeks, I thought I was going to be forty-eight this birthday. This happens to me often because all year I'm thinking, 'I'm gonna be 47 this year', but by the time November comes around, I've been saying forty-seven for so long, I assume my next birthday will be forty-eight!

2. I am very logical. See #1

3. I am dreadful in my concept of passing time. In conversation, I'll often say, 'Last week, when ....'. Then my kids say, 'Mum, that happened two months ago'. No idea.

4. My dad is having a knee operation right now, so I'm in the process of baking him a cake. After all, cake is the answer to all knee problems, right?

5. I love the winter and dark nights (Thanks, Magaidh, for that one). This is true, and is unlike most folks who live in this far-north-part-of-the-world.

6. I've just finished reading Conn Iggulden's four book series on Genghis Khan.

7. I've realized that if I am able to sit and read with an hour of silence each day, this charges my batteries better than any amount of pampering would.

8. I cannot drive out to the peats without wanting to cry. (I have begun a blog post about this, but I can't quite articulate what I wish to in English.... It's odd, but what I wish to say comes out in Gaelic.)

9. I laugh hysterically at the weirdest and un-funniest things. (My sister, Marina wrote that one on my FB post). She may, or may not, be accurate in her assessment.

10. My favourite joke ever, ever, ever is this:

Q. What's white and can't climb trees?

A.  A fridge.

I first heard this joke about thirty years ago, and I cannot even write it here without laughing hysterically. Maybe #9 is accurate after all.

11. We've never had chickens (to raise, I mean. We've eaten plenty of them.) despite having ample space in which to raise them. (Thank you, Thomas, for that one!)

12. I have an unusual interest obsession with the ships that pass by the Butt. (My sister-in-law, Donna, wrote that one on fb, and reminded me of her hysterics when she realized I had a folder full of photos and information re our passing ships. That's perfectly normal, right?)

13. I have realized that my Dad will probably not have much of an appetite for cake today. That means Mum and I will have more to ourselves. Sorry, Dad :)

14.  Ever since I watched a wildlife programme on eagles in the Norwegian Fjords, I've had a longing to visit this beautiful part of the world.

15. Right now, the Wee Guy and I are reading through a series called Viking Quest, by Lois Walfrid Johnson. He is now desperate to visit the fjords too.

16.  I work from home, translating materials from English into Gaelic.

17.  We are not having turkey for Christmas Dinner this year.

18.  One of my favourite themes to hear being preached is Christ in the Old Testament sacrifices.

19.  I can not abide flavoured teas. Bleugh!

20. At times, I allow our house phone to ring out and don't answer it. This drives certain members of my extended family nuts, but if I have a visitor, I give them priority over the phone.  

21. Montana and North Dakota have a special place in my heart even though I've never been and I don't know anyone from these states. If I ever arrive in either of these states, I may never actually leave.

22. I love most soups.

23. My Mum's chicken and rice soup is probably my favourite soup ... followed by Scotch Broth.

24.Very shortly after this photo was taken, I was pregnant with the Wee Guy. My sister was married just in time. :)

Isn't Katie so, so, so, so cute? And isn't the Wee Guy a dead ringer for the Big Guy, who is ten in this photo?

25.  I was a passionate supporter of Rangers FC when I was growing up. When I say 'passionate', I mean passionate.

26.  Roses are my favourite flower.

27.  The Builder never got that memo.

28.  My right knee has a scar right across it where I had 12 stitches. I fell off my bike, heading to Primary School. I think I was about nine at the time.

29.  When I was growing up, we had a miniature Shetland Collie called Game. She was gorgeous.

30. G-A-M-E spelled backwards is Emag. If you're not from Ness, that will mean nothing to you.

31. That came to my mum in a dream the night they bought Game, and we all reckon Mum's smartest moments are when she's asleep.

32.  I often go to bed far too late because I love that time of silence when everyone else has gone to bed.

33.  I stayed in town today for ages. It was nice to visit with Mum and Dad. 

34.  My dad's operation was cancelled at the last minute because of complications the surgeon was dealing with in theatre. That meant Mum and I had to share the cake with him. 

35.  I'm quite sure mushrooms were not put on the face of the earth for human consumption.

36.  I am five foot. As in, five foot zero. The Builder is six foot. Maybe six foot something, but it's too high for me to check.

37.  Another of the Fb readers, a friend of mine, said I was 'a great listener and confidant'. It's certainly true that, although I 'blether' a great deal on the blog, I do prefer real talk, rather than chit-chat in real life.

38.  I'm now the only person in the house who's not in bed. 

39.  It is also now no longer my birthday. That means my next birthday will be my forty-eighth.

40.  The kids and I began reading through the Bible, chapter by chapter, every day quite some time ago. We're now in 2nd Corinthians. My favourite time was when we were reading through Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers. I'm not kidding. The precision of the teaching concerning the Tabernacle was AWEsome. God's detail simply blew me away. Then, the differing sacrificial laws - oh, I loved reading them, and finding Christ and His work and sacrifice being typified in them. Paul's letter to the Romans is in second place for me.

41.  I know what we'd have called a baby boy, had we been blessed with another son, and I know what we'd have called a baby girl. Micah, which means 'Who is like Yahweh', would be my boy's name. The prophecy of Micah also contains one of my favourite verses: "Who is a God like unto Thee, who pardoneth iniquity and passeth by the transgression of the remnant of His heritage? He retaineth not His anger for ever, because He delighteth in mercy." Micah 7:18.

I love it!

Oh, a baby girl would have been called Hannah.

42.  This photo was taken around 1977.

Can you find me in it?

43.  My maternal grandparents' grave is in our local cemetery. My granny passed away before I was born, and my Grandpa passed away in 1975. My mum has never been to the graveyard since Granny was buried.

I was named after her.

44.  I love going for walks through cemeteries. I would love to know the stories behind the words on all the plaques.

45.  At the moment, I'm doubting any reader will have reached this far. If you've dutifully read all the way to #45, please let me know in the comments. I wish I could say I had a prize to give you: you deserve it.

46.  My first car was a Ford Fiesta. 

47.  My favourite car ever was my brother's RS 2000. 

And so, there you go. Forty-seven mostly useless pieces of information that will not change your life one little bit. Thank you all for listening to my ramblings. 


  1. I read all the way through...I enjoy useless things about other people. I particularly enjoy them on a blog, it reminds me that you are real ;-) Thanks for sharing, especially that verse from Micah. And I love hearing preaching about Christ in the OT sacrifices as well! Two questions: 1. I understand Montana, but why North Dakota? Also, what is Scotch broth?

    1. I have NO reason for ND as well as MO ... haven't a clue!

      Scotch Broth is a thick vegetable and barley soup: I think this post has a photo of it being made ... http://www.homeschoolonthecroft.com/2010/03/today-i-was-planting.html

    2. Mmm...that sounds delicious! I love barley. I just love soup, in general, though.

  2. Very informative, all 47 of them!
    Have you read Henry Solteau on the tabernacle and its furnishings? Wonderful book.

    1. No, I haven't. Paula. Must look into this. Thank you :)

  3. It was very interesting! I agree with Rebecca. I was interested in the Emag - Game piece of info. I get it! And your dad's surgery. Will be praying for him. How frustrating to be ready for it then have it cancelled. I hope that doesn't happen to me next month. I am often apprehensive about it but would not like being all ready then having to go through that again. Aww...I want to ready why you cry when you go to the peats. Memories? It is beautful out there...can that be it? D'ya know I have already realized that after my back surgery I probably shouldn't go out there except sitting on a big stack of pillows. What a ride! I hope you had a good birthday and have another year of ejoying your life in Christ!!!!

    1. Hmmm, yes, not sure it'd be the wisest ride for you to take, Laurie :O . It's mostly memories that make me feel like that about the peats... memories of loved ones who are no longer with us.

      You know the Game-Emag thing?!

  4. I read all the way to the end. I enjoy reading your blog and learning about your life. We are a home school family living on the other side of the Atlantic in a big city. My children especially love looking at the photos of the island where you live.

    I am reading through the book of Exodus right now with my children - my 9 year old's choice - she always picks one of the O.T. books to read through when it is her turn to choose! When we are finished with Exodus a different child gets to pick the next book to read through (pretty sure it will be a N.T. book!)

    1. Isn't it great how the internet opens up another world to us? :)

      It's good to give the kids the choice of which book to read - we've done that from time to time over the years too
      A x

  5. I made it! I love to read facts about other people, but I can never think of facts about me!
    and 47! I had trouble coming up with 8 for facebook :)
    And Happy Birthday!!!

    1. 'Colorado Cow Girl' ... what a fan-tastic name! I ought to have put Colorado with Montana and ND ... but I *do* know (albeit online) someone there, so it didn't fit that part. What a wonderful state you live in. Off to check your blog :)

  6. I read every word, too and loved it. I just turned 46 and like you, have a hard time remembering my age.


    1. Thank you, Lisa. We're not far apart, you and me ;)

  7. I read through it all! No prize necessary. I enjoyed it!
    But I must also confess, I was curious to see if I could figure out which one Donald (on your FB page) might have been referring to. LOL Not sure I did. Just wild guessin'.
    Great shares! And great idea to reflect on such things on your birthday. Hope it was a great one!
    :) Laura

    1. Donald on my fb page is my son ... I suspect he wasn't agreeing with #2 - I'm logical!!

      Thank you for your birthday wishes :)

  8. Happy Birthday!!!!! I hope it was very special for you, and I really enjoyed your post and the pictures. I, too, love to walk through graveyards and eat Scotch broth. My brother recently killed a deer, so I'm planning to make some soon...

    1. Oooh, I love the sound of venison, K. Yum. Today is a day for Scotch Broth here - it's *really* chilly :)

  9. Happy Birthday! I do the same thing as you. I'll say I'm gonna be ___ and then think I am that age and turning a year older than that. LOL!
    Oh and I laugh at stupid stuff all the time. I think it keeps me from going nuts. Or am I already nuts. Hmmmm......
    Anyways, enjoy your dads cake. *smile*

    1. Lol, Kim ... keeps my from going nuts... or am I already nuts? Hmmm, I'll leave that question hanging - both for you and for me ;)

  10. Read the whole shebang... loved your list!!! Happy Birthday... I feel about nineteen, and kind of stopped counting, always surprised when I discover how old my husband is, he is a year older than me... and how on earth did time travel so fast, its no longer twenty years since college by any means!!!

    1. Oh - absolutely! I feel the same ... and forget that though I *feel* about 27, time has indeed moved on.

  11. I read it through til the bitter end. ;) Happy belated birthday Anne! :)

    1. Thank you, Sarah ... hope it wasn't too bitter ;)

  12. I read it through. I always enjoy your blog. Happy Birthday! You and I have the same proclivity for studying the Exodus/ Leviticus/ Numbers books. I especially like to study Leviticus and have a few dozen (I lost track) Leviticus commentaries. It is quite exciting to find the shadowing of Christ in those books.

    1. Hi Greg, nice to 'meet' you. Yes, it really is wonderful finding Christ throughout the whole of the OT.

  13. Happy Birthday Anne. I read through the whole lot. It was fun, took almost all day, but it was fun :)
    I agree with #35. I wonder who ate the first mushroom? He must have been VERY hungry. #36 made me laugh and my children are always wanting to go to cemetaries to read the stones. I've only taken them once or twice. I have not been to visit my mother's grave either, and I don't ever plan to. I wonder if your mom and I have the same reason.

    God bless you with many more happy and fruitful years.

    1. Thank you, Laura. What a lovely comment ... My mum hasn't been to the graveyard because, even after 48 years, she knows it would break her heart. Some people find comfort from going to the place the remains of their loved one is buried; some people find it too distressing.
      A x

  14. I made it to the end and enjoyed learning about you. I share the enjoyment/need for silence at the end of the day.

  15. Happy late birthday dear Anne! <3 Not a week passes that I don't think of you and your little house on the croft. I hope it was indeed a very happy day!

  16. I'm an "Anne", too, and very much enjoyed your blog! Happy Birthday wishes to you! North Dakota and Montana? Way too cold for me! My blood is thin living in Arizona. I would love to visit England and Ireland sometime - that's where my heritage is!

  17. Greetings from Kansas! Came across your blog today through a link in the comments section of a recipe on Pioneer Woman's blog. Glad I decided to click over. I have read through a few of your recent posts and am enjoying your blog. I, too, have always had a fascination with and desire to visit Montana (abbreviation MT as MO is reserved for Missouri ;-) I know this not only from having to memorize state abbreviations in school but because I live 5 minutes from the KS/MO state lines. Not meaning to be critical in any way by the way--just thought that given your fascination with Montana you might want to know that little factoid ;-) ;-) you were spot on with the ND though :-)). Wyoming is also high up there on my list........along with Norway, Finland and Sweden!!! Happy Belated Birthday and I am looking forward to reading through more of your blog.

    1. I'm late coming to this :) ... thanks for that - I do get mixed up with MT and MO. And belated thanks for reading and commenting. Hope you'll visit often
      Anne x

  18. Here it is November 29th and I am just settling down to read your 47 truths. I truly loved each one! I can imagine you just "hee hawing" over #10!! :-) Marina is absolutely right!


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